Rudy Francisco

....I write poems...and say them out loud...sometimes

Tomorrow Night!!!!! The San Diego PoetrySLAM is a competition where poets present their work and get scored by 5 judges picked randomly from the audience. 
This slam will be “Play Ground Style” 
16 poets will be allowed to sign up, 1 captain will be chosen at random, the captain will pick 4 poets and that team will compete against the defending Playground Style Champions, Team Jerrica.

Those who don’t get selected will have the option of performing during the open mic. 
Come out and watch, cheer on your favorite poet or sign up to compete! 
The nights feature will be the Hair and Teeth and Talk Tour, Tova Charles and Zai Sadler (of the Austin Poetry Slam)

Queen Bees
3925 ohio st
San Diego, CA
8 pm

“You cracked hourglass, with sand spilling from behind your ribs: you wasted my time.”

—   'Scars', Rudy Francisco. (via habitualhealing)

Janelle Monae by DanielleBostic

You can purchase a copy of my chapbook (a small collection of poems) here!

“She is my musician.
And me… I’m her favorite song.”

—   (via emilyn-anne)


There was a time in my life

when I couldn’t tell the difference

between a mirror and a window.

I could stand in front of either

and see everything,

but myself.

-Rudy Francisco

Tomorrow!! The San Diego Poetry Slam celebrates its 1 year anniversary. The Say Word Youth Poetry Slam Team is featuring and I’m HOSTING!